Building on 16 years of successful auger mining operations in Australia, Coal Augering Services Pty Ltd have teamed up with PT. Augerindo Prima Pratama, to form

PT. Auger Sistem Indonesia (ASI).

ASI offers a quality auger mining service to provide economic access to otherwise lost coal reserves.

ASI operations started in January 2019 in East Kalimantan.

Since then we have:

  • Operated LTI-free for more than 40,000 man-hours,

  • Produced 16,770 tonnes in a single month,

  • Produced 1,355 tonnes in a single shift and

  • Achieved penetration depth of 149m.

This marks a great start to a new chapter in auger mining operations in Indonesia and we have plans to grow our operations to meet the strong local demand for our services.